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Scoring not adding up - league 757211

'Hoo Recruit

Re: Total points not adding up correctly

i emailed them, but im sure its a platform wide issue from last night. hopefully, we see a fix. i would have won by 2 points

New 'Hoo

Re: Total points not adding up correctly

Ditto for me... Haven't seen any response from Yahoo on this forum.
New 'Hoo

Re: Total points not adding up correctly

Three of my four teams are incorrect also.  Appears to be a problem with the Monday night game- guess there were too many points for Yahoo to handle!

'Hoo Recruit

Re: Fantasy yahoo public league

Same issue in my league
'Hoo Recruit

Re: Fantasy yahoo public league

same issue here. Yahoo! help us out

Pro 'Hoo

Re: Why did H. Butker KC - K get zero points in scoring - I thought he got 9 pts

I want to know also. Last night i thought i won, bit no points i lost..

'Hoo Recruit

Week 11 points / scores not totaling correctly

Does anyone know how to contact Yahoo to let them know of the issue of the points / final scores not totaling correctly for Week 11?
'Hoo Recruit

Re: Week 11 points not showing up

sounds like a big error from @yahoo hopefully theyll create a fix

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New 'Hoo

Fantasy football

The scores from the last week are incorrect in both my leagues and the records of some of the teams are incorrect due to this. When will this be corrected?
Established 'Hoo

Incorrect scoring and standings

All the scores from last night game aren’t registering in overall points and messing up league standings ..looks like this is an error on yahoo ..anyone else having this issue?! Can someone help??? Yahoo???