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Round Robin / All Play

New 'Hoo

Round Robin / All Play

Will Yahoo have a scheduling option for weekly round robin where each team play each other? 


For example, in a 10-team league, each team will have nine individual head-to-head matchups and compile a weekly record (ex:  7-2, 4-5, etc...).


Our league always has a problem where high scoring teams take a h2h loss with an unlucky matchup...and conversely...low scoring teams end up with a win due to a good matchup.  For instance, a team could score 110 points (2nd highest weekly score) and lose against a team scoring 115, while a team that scores 65 points (2nd lowest weekly) beats a team that scores 63.


Ultimately, by season's end, we have teams with 1,200 points that are 4-9 and teams that have 900 points that are 9-4 just by the luck of the draw.


I know other sites offer this option, just wondering if Yahoo will be adding it....?


Accepted Solutions
Sports Pro All-star

Re: Round Robin / All Play


This option won't be in the game this year.
Sports Pro All-star

Re: Round Robin / All Play



A better forum for this post can be found here

Sports Pro All-star

Re: Round Robin / All Play


This option won't be in the game this year.
'Hoo Recruit

Re: Round Robin / All Play

It would be like playing in 9 leagues that drafted and managed their teams exactly the same way, except that you have neutralized the random luck that is allowed to become a factor due to the very small sample size used by single head to head matchup formats.

Another thing that promotes lucky teams is rewarding conference winners with a playoff seed regardless of record or points.
Occasionally it happens in the NFL too.
But that's their money, not mine.

Teams that draft and manage a good team should be the only ones rewarded, not the lucky.
I want the owners who try hard and make the best decisions to be in line for reward.
Let owner decisions dictate how strong of a team I manage, not the calculations of a schedule generator.

Simulation of your team versus every other team in the league is the easiest way to eliminate as much luck as possible.
It's a far more comprehensive way to rank teams, that and a longer season would awesome, gives a little back for bye weeks and an abbreviated season.
While no playoffs are necessary, to determine the best (not the luckiest) team, you could end the season at some point and do a quick single elimination tourny (for nostalgia sake) if you wanted to.

You could run through the entire season gauntlet style, 17 weeks to determine the top teams.
Those to teams draft a suicide team from the pool of players in the real NFL Playoffs. That team has to last them through the superbowl.

No adds, no drops.
Just starters and bench.
Points only.
Sports Pro All-star

Re: Round Robin / All Play



A better forum for this post can be found here

Rookie All-star

Re: Round Robin / All Play



I love this stuff, lol.  But a couple things.  First, on this:  "Teams that draft and manage a good team should be the only ones rewarded, not the lucky."


You'll never eliminate luck and that includes bad as well as good.  In a 10 team NFL league, my key players were Rodgers, Bell, Hunt, OBJ, Fitz and G. Olsen.  I also smartly drafted Conner.  I managed to squeak my way into the champ game, but if this had been "no adds or drops", my season would have been over before it started.


I totally agree on matchup luck, but there are ways to mitigate that.  Obviously, the biggest (and simplest) is just play roto.  You don't need a complex system when it's all about PF.  Another idea: don't use divisions.  They add another layer of luck.  I run 2 Yahoo leagues and we've never used divisions.  When you use PF as tie breaker, it pretty much eliminates that bad matchup luck component. 


On your last idea about final 2 drafting from playoff teams, I like that idea, but it also seems to go against your mindset about drafting smartly.  I keep this in mind when I draft a lot more than, say, bye weeks.  You want guys on teams that are likely to still be fighting in Weeks 15/16.  Either that or in a contract year, lol.

'Hoo Recruit

Re: Round Robin / All Play

Hi FantasyGirl!!
Glad I'm getting warm responses to this topic, I'm sure negative will come sooner or later.

Anyways, luck is ever present in NFL, and we already deal with that as it is.
It needs not to be compounded by "right place, right time" situations that are presented in single head to head formats.

Also, adding and dropping players was never suggested to be eliminated, that's how you overcome or attempt to beat the bad luck of injuries, suspensions, etc.

The decisions you make as owner should hold the most weight. Who you start is a decision, who you play that week in head to head is not.
Yeah, head to head looks like football, it adds the "any given Sunday" factor, but "any given Sunday" is already at play based on the players and NFL itself, why add a second layer of it?

In my 12 team dynasty league, the #2 seed was a 7-6 division winner while the 3 and 4 seeds were 8-5, so immediately I see that divisions and division winners making the playoffs has a big role in rankings and playoff seeding. Single division from now on.
Furthermore, that same #2 seed would have finished dead last in Round Robin play, with a win percentage of .364 and never made the playoffs at all.

In my 10 team league, the #1 seed went 11-3, but in Round Robin, that same team finished with around .520 winning percentage and finished 5th, missing the playoffs.
He had two weeks that he couldn't have beaten anyone and zero weeks where he would have beaten everyone.
The highest scoring team finished 5th, with a 6-8 record, and missed the playoffs.
This team would have finished with a win percentage of .626, and taken the #2 seed in round robin.
Said team had two weeks where they would have beaten everyone and zero weeks where they couldn't beat anyone at all.

In both those leagues, lucky teams snuck into the playoffs based entirely off of scheduling.

I mentioned running a gauntlet style league, using the playoffs as the final stage in order to use the entire NFL regular season. In this day and age, most teams still play through week 17 chasing the playoffs or top seed in the playoffs, we can thank parity for that.
If they don't play the starters, then you should have a backup. Having a suitable backup is your choice as manager.

Using the NFL playoffs to determine a winner just extends the fantasy season through the entire NFL season.
It puts the final teams in a situation where they must prove once again that they are the most knowledgeable and skillful when it comes to drafting players, and to do it when all the marbles are on the table.

And making it a suicide pool just adds some extra pressure.

In short, the randomness and luck should be contained to the NFL as much as possible, we cannot control that aspect.
A head to head format only compounds and multiplies lucky breaks in your fantasy league, round robin can at least neutralizes them and give you a much more comprehensive and fair ranking system.

Yahoo needs to add the round robin scheduling option.