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Playoff Seeding

New 'Hoo

Playoff Seeding

I run a 10 players team with 6 teams making the playoff. 2 teams get a bye week and the remaining 4 plays the quarterfinal. somehow, after the quarterfinal matchups, the 5th seed is playing the 1st seed and the 6th seed is match up with the 2nd seed. how do i fix that. Please assist.


Thank you.


Rookie All-star

Re: Playoff Seeding

This is partly guesswork, but when you talk about seed rankings, are you using the  standings to get these?  If so, what is your league setting for re-seeding? 


I'm beginning to wonder if some of this confusion is from people looking at standings in leagues that enable playoff reseeding.  I just checked the leagues I run, all of which have "no" for playoff seeding.  That means we use the standings, and everything is landing where it should.  If I had set it to yes, it would not be following the standings (which is the whole point of re-seeding).


Just curious if that might not be part of it.