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Fantasy Football Commissioner Help

New 'Hoo

Fantasy Football Commissioner Help

Using this community because I am not able to send message to Yahoo and this is a last resort.  Every time I try and submit a request it get the classic "YID does not match signed YID."  I have had my YID for twenty years.    Very frustrating been trying for days to get a message to YAHOO


We need help changing our fantasy football commissioner.  Tragically, he passed away a few months back and we need Yahoo's help reassigning a new commissioner in our league.   We would like to continue our league and keep our decade long history with Yahoo.  Only way to do so is to have a new commish designated.  HELP, our longtime commish would want us to continue in his honor.  League ID is 652077  Hoping a MOD sees this post


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Re: Fantasy Football Commissioner Help

Trusted 'Hoo Helper

Re: Fantasy Football Commissioner Help

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Re: Fantasy Football Commissioner Help

@bmoore_55 Unfortunately, being this was a private league, we cannot assign anyone or give anyone commish access. What you can do is recreate the league using it's settings but the history and league data cannot be transferred over. The post that I marked as an "Accepted Solution" has the correct link.

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