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Tiebreaker question

'Hoo Recruit

Tiebreaker question

Hi, I have a question regarding the following tiebreaker option for Fantasy Basketball.


In Fantasy Baseball and Basketball:

  • Total points scored (only with Head-to-Head Points).
  • Highest winning percentage from the last game week. If there's still a tie, the process continues for each previous week until the tie is broken.


In the rule it says that last game week, so let's say the season ended this week (week 22) and they have a tie standing (same W and L), what is the game week that they will look? Will they look into week 22 or week 21? and what does it mean by highest winning percentage? Against the opponent they faced or will they compare stats between the 2 said teams that are fighting for the tiebreaker?


Hoping someone would answer me. Thank you!



Sports Pro All-star

Re: Tiebreaker question



If your league's last regular season week is week 22, week 22 is looked at first.


Whoever had the best score between the 2 teams in week 22 wins.  If they tied week 22, you look at week 21 to see which team had the better record.  You keep doing this a week at a time until the tie is broken.