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Oscar!!! Help me out!!!

New 'Hoo

Oscar!!! Help me out!!!


My league number is 24022, 250 snake, and so far its been a complete joke. There is a manager in the league who continues to shop his players around for ***bleep*** on the dollar, making the same dumb lopsided trades over and over again. They have been good about vetos but the second one gets vetoed another one goes right up. The managers in the league seem intent on completing one of these absurdly lopsided deals and it is likely only a matter of time until one squaks through. This far away from the start of the season, someone stacking their team like that puts everyone else in this league at a huge disadvantage especially considering the players being dealt. If there is anything you can do to help please let me know. I started this team to have fun and its been a total nightmare, which for the money is a huge dissapointment, pretty sure the other managers echo my sentiment. Thanks

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Re: Oscar!!! Help me out!!!



I see this is a Pro league. So that our Sports team can investigate, please use this help form. Make sure to select the topic and sub-topic: How to play > Abuse or cheating.


A contact option will be listed in the right-most column.

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