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Ohtani Roster Plans for 2019?

New 'Hoo

Ohtani Roster Plans for 2019?

Saw quite a bit of discusson (disagreement) about how Ohtani would be rostered this year. Some argued that he should be "one" player, others agreed with Yahoo!'s decision to make the batter and pitcher two different players. 


Wondering about next year, with Ohtani undergoing Tommy John surgery today, he won't be pitching next year, but he will be batting. Does this mean that only the Ohtani batter will be available in the Yahoo! settings? 


We have a keeper league and the owner of Ohtani is trying to figure out how eligibility will work next year. 





Administratin' 'Hoo

Re: Ohtani Roster Plans for 2019?



There are currently no plans for changes to Ohtani on rosters at this time. However, I'd recommend posting on our feedback board, so our Fantasy Sports product group can review for the next season. This doesn't mean no changes will be made in the future, though.



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Sports Pro All-star

Re: Ohtani Roster Plans for 2019?



I would suggest that after TJ surgery, he will not be batting.

Rookie All-star

Re: Ohtani Roster Plans for 2019?

It will be the exact same as this year. Unfortunately, if you are the owner of pitcher Ohtani, you will need to have him on your active roster all year if you desire to keep him for when he returns to pitching. I probably wouldn't recommend bothering with holding pitching version in most leagues.