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Transfer ownership of yahoo group

New 'Hoo

Transfer ownership of yahoo group

We are having a conflict with the owner of our private yahoo group. How do we assign ownership,to another member and drop the present member from the group. The owner is the name of our group, but she will not surrender the pass word. She also has assigned herself as a moderator. No other members are moderators.

Trusted 'Hoo Helper

Re: Transfer ownership of yahoo group

A group is not a democracy. Members who disagree with decisions made by the owner are free to unsubscribe and form their own group. In practice, several problems arise from this approach. First, some members will typically side with the original owner. Some of these may not have taken part in the dispute. Second, people tend not to unsubscribe because they want to know whether people on the original groups are criticising them. Third, people from the original group will typically subscribe to the new group for the same reason.


In any event, my understanding is that Yahoo will not intervene unless disputing members are violating the Terms of Service. And that is how it should be.