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Established 'Hoo


it is my groups.  I am locked out and some I own have totally disappeared.  I think I might have sent too many emails (but I didn't think so)
I need to be reset
if I am not on autoresponder, why did my groups disappear and why is my **Username Removed** email say suspended?
I didn't do anything.  everythign was fine....I was posting to my groups and them poof.....they were gone as were other groups I am in from my list
Is there ANYONE out there that can help???  This has been going on for a week and I need to get back into my grousps.
thank you
Trusted 'Hoo Helper


Hi @kayleesmemere,


I am not a Yahoo employee. I cannot, therefore, chage your status. However, I think it would be easier for Yahoo to support you if you clarify what state your email account is in with respect to Groups. Sign on to Yahoo with your usual account and go to a Groups page. If you can see "All My Groups", then your a probably not on Auto-Reponder.


Go to "Email Preference". This will either availabe under "All My Groups" or under "Email Preferences" on the left-hand side.


Look under the Status column for your affected gmail account. What does the Status that is reported?


If the Status says "Auto-Responder" the problem is due to too many emails from you arriving at Yahoo Groups in a short period of time.


If the Status says "Suspended", then Yahoo says "Accounts may be suspended for many different reasons, including failure to sign in to the Yahoo network (inactivity) or failure to adhere to the Yahoo Groups Guidelines and Terms of Service." Since two reasons never counts as many there are presumably many more reasons for an account being suspended. Yahoo further says, "The suspended member will need to take action on their own Yahoo Account". Sadly Yahoo does not appear to have done us the kindness of providing guidance to the affected member on how to do that! In the past Yahoo staff members have removed the Auto-Responder status of people who have reported the problem here. Sadly the seem to have stopped doing that some months ago. But there is still a small hope that they will read your posts here and fix your account.


I fear that Yahoo support staff have been forbidden to help people in your situation. I hope Yahoo will prove me wrong.

Established 'Hoo


there was no reason to "suspend" my email.  they only did it to  one email I have listed....the one I used most often.  it wasn't my entire groups account gone....just some of my groups and one email.  I've been set on auto responder before....years ago when yahoo actually helped you and I was reset and I was fine.

and not all my groups are gone.  Just the ones I used most frequently....both ones I own and others I am just a member in.

I am very conscious of trying not to send too many emails but apparently Yahoo couldn't count this time.

I have already moved groups I owned to another site.  I am tired of Yahell.  they suck big time.

I wish I could let my members know I have moved but I don't have their emails....

oh well....

I suspect the rumors of Yahoo groups going bye bye are probably true and this is their way of trying to drive us all out.

I will never use Yahoo for anything anymore

Trusted 'Hoo Helper


Hi @kayleesmemere,


It might help if you could answer some questions.


Do the groups that you own have a second owner email?


If so, is the person who owns that email yourself? In this case, you can perform owner/moderator functions. Your first priority should be to subscribe yourself to the group with new email account and make that account the owner.


In the case that the groups have a second owner email that is owned by someone else, you will need the help of that person to resubscribe with at least two new emails and make these owners.


If there is no second owner account with an active owner, the groups you own are in trouble. They will need the help of Yahoo technical support and Yahoo technical support appears to have been ordered to stop providing individual help to users of Yahoo groups.