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Sports Community Contest 10 (Oct 22, 2018 - Nov 19, 2018)

BuzzFantasyLeagues game starting at the Farmer's Insurance Open on 1/25/18

'Hoo Recruit

BuzzFantasyLeagues game starting at the Farmer's Insurance Open on 1/25/18

My league members were also very disappointed to see the Fantasy Golf game discountinued. We tried the PGA Tour Fantasy game, but it is HORRIBLE so we decided to start a BuzzFantasyLeagues game next week at the Farmer's Insurance Open on 1/25/18. Our scoring is setup exactly the same as Yahoo's format, the only real difference is that BuzzFantasyLeagues doesn't allow mid-tournament lineup changes (you pick 4 players to start the tournament and that's it).


There is a $100 buy-in and since our league aims to award consistency, there are no payouts for majors, only session winners and three full-season awards are paid out. The breakdown looks like this:


Segment 1 Winner: 20%

Segment 2 Winner: 20%

Segment 3 Winner: 20%

Full Season 3rd: 5%

Full Season 2nd: 10%

Full Season 1st: 25%


If interested, please go ahead and signup and provide the league info below to any family/friends/co-workers/etc who are golf junkies. League entry fees will be due March 1st before the WGC - Mexico Championship, so you can give it a shot (like a free trial) for a few weeks before committing $100 for the full season. Here's the league info, please contact me if you have any questions or issues:


League ID: 1254 
League Name: RIP Yahoo Fantasy 
League Password: tryagain18


Thanks -Don