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Glad Yahoo Finance is Jumping on Crypto!

'Hoo Recruit

Glad Yahoo Finance is Jumping on Crypto!

Per Yahoo Finance Tumblr:


"Yahoo Finance has offered unrivaled access to free financial data and insights, to millions of people every month.  Starting today, users will now have the unique ability to track cryptocurrencies on our platform, keeping them informed and on the cutting edge of the digital currency craze.


We’ve added over 100 cryptocurrency quote pages to Yahoo Finance across all platforms globally. From Ethereum to Zcash, these pages will include all of the powerful insights you’ve come to expect from Yahoo Finance, and more – profile information, historical data, coins outstanding, market cap, and data on currency pairs – provided by our partners at CryptoCompare. We’ve also partnered with CoinDesk for our curated content stream, in addition to our own original editorial, to serve up the latest news and information on each particular currency."


There's also a Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit: Crypto in February mentioned in the tumblr post. Awesome awesome awesome!

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Re: Glad Yahoo Finance is Jumping on Crypto!

Thanks for your enthusiasm! @HandsomeBob

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Re: Glad Yahoo Finance is Jumping on Crypto!

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