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Hey Admin guy Oscar - read this

Pro 'Hoo Helper

Hey Admin guy Oscar - read this



Dude.  The concept of people talking fantasy and trying to help each other is awesome.  I like this concept of what this place offers and I enjoy giving advice (even though I am not always right).


BUT, I WILL NOT be back to this site until next year before the draft.  Fix the STUPID bugs out of this site.


I have never had more trouble trying to post stats on a fantasy football site.  I tried to post a question about QBs and I took my time posting a nice long argument for both sides and it made good points and this site CUT a chunk of it saying I was trying to post a phone number when really I was posting a yards total or TD total.  OR how many points a team scored the last few weeks... but then this site cut it out saying i was posting a phone number?


I just tried to answer a guys question about RBs and most people want to know why you pick the way you do.  And I tried to tell him why becuase I think this RB will post these stats etc... I mean fantasy football is ALL about numbers and stats.  So of course I am going to back up my case with numbers.  Well they wouldnt let me post it becuase AGAIN this site thought I was posting a phone number.


So I am done with this site until next year.  I try and post to help people or ask questions and I take all this time giving explained answers.. JUST to get told to not post phone numbers.  WHAT GIVES?  See you next year

Administratin' 'Hoo

Re: Hey Admin guy Oscar - read this

Thanks for the feedback, @Just2sweet.


It's our filters trying to clean up any spam phone numbers. Unfortunately, sometimes they filter out appropriate numbers. I'll follow up via PM.

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