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Update to ranking system and badges here in the community!

Administratin' 'Hoo

Update to ranking system and badges here in the community!

We're lowering the requirements for all the things! YAY!


With the old rules our awesome customers just weren't ranking up at a very logical or fun speed, so we've decided to lower the requirements for ranks and badges earned in the community. This will have the most impact on our ambitious participants, who should rank up one or two spots right after we push out the fixes today.


How do you rank up?! It's simple! Earn points by completing actions like posting new threads, replying to other thread, giving kudos, and getting kudos. Good answers that get marked as 'accepted solutions' are given extra points so helpful folks rank up the fastest.


We'll be posting a more specific list of the ranks and what you get when you reach them, as soon as we've fully launched this new rank system (probably a few more months out). Keep an eye out for that.


Have fun and thanks for joining us here!



Use the 'accepted solution' button to let everyone know your issue was resolved. Give 'kudos' if you agree with someone's post or appreciate their input. Points are awarded for these actions. Contest are held regularly too! Check out the Announcements board for the latest details.