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Mail Q&A with Kyle - 30-June-17 - 5-July-17

Official 'Hoo Staff

Mail Q&A with Kyle - 30-June-17 - 5-July-17

Hi community members!


Our Mail All-stars recently had the opportunity to have a 2nd Q&A session with our Customer Operations Specialist Kyle.


Below you will find the transcript to the event. To access the answers you will need to click the Spoiler button below each question. We hope this may answer some of your burning questions as well as give insight into some of our technical issues.





Q: This problem has come up a few times. All new accounts must end in There are still rocketmail, ymail, and international accounts. Can someone create an extra and/or disposible address ending in one of those old domains? Should we recommend that they create a new account?


Hey Barkley! Sounds like you’re way ahead of me - creating new accounts with the “” or “” domain is indeed no longer possible, and similarly, that means you wouldn’t be able to use those domains when creating anExtra Email Address or Disposable Address. (That fact would also apply to existing @ymail or @rocketmail accounts.) If they want to create a new account, or use one of those features, they’ll have to learn how to get cool with that domain.



Q: Hi Kyle, glad you're here.  Thank you.  Don't worry about following CeCe, you have more time in service.  *grin*  Congratulations avoiding all the lay offs over the last 12 years.


Abuse Moderation.  Can you expand a bit on what that is?  I've found by the time clients find us their frustration levels are high so I always try to treat them with respect and kindness.  I believe education is better than pointing out some rule they broke.


Love your "Gems" section, especially "Security, security, security"  (preach it sister!)  Can't tell you how many times I have dealt with "I never upgraded, I didn't set a phone number or a recovery email and I forgot my password so fix it for me" type questions.


A couple of other things that probably have no answer, but I'll ask anyway.  Anything you can share with the direction we are going now with the merger or future plans for Messenger which everyone seems to hate?


Hey Tom! Wait, who you calling a sister!?  Smiley Happy  Abuse Moderation, at least in the sense I meant, is the process of both proactively and retroactively moderating various content that appears publicly on various Yahoo pages, and within various Yahoo products - we were on the lookout for various forms of abuse. Yup, you called it...I think the idea of personal responsibility (especially as it relates to opsec) is a universal one, so it should also apply to anything you do with technology. There isn’t much in the way of updates I’m personally aware of in the Messenger world beyond the information they post on thepublic-facing Yahoo Messenger page. And finally, our public Yahoo Help page regarding the Yahoo and Verizon acquisition agreement is about all I can share on the subject of the merger and our forward direction; but you can also check out the Oath website for information.



Q: I saw someone post this today.


Here in the past week or so, my account won't sync between devices. Example - I deleted a bunch of emails from my inbox while I was on my phone, and when I got onto the computer they were still in my inbox.


Another example - I created a draft and saved it while I was on my phone, and when I got on my tablet or my computer, the draft is not there. Whatever I do on the computer shows on my phone though. What do I do?  


Hey Arthur! Although it sounds like third-party mail client(s) being used on the surface; I generally try to get things down to brass tacks I’d be looking to understand:  Exactly how are they connecting to Yahoo Mail? (Microsoft Outlook on a laptop computer with Windows 10, Yahoo Mail app on Android 6.1, default iOS mail client on iPhone 6s plus, etc.) Exactly what protocol is being used to connect, if a third-party mail client? (POP/IMAP) Have they made sure all software (operating system on computer or mobile device, third-party mail client, app on the mobile device, etc) is up to date? Have they tried uninstalling/reinstalling any software being used, and/or removing and adding the Yahoo account before trying again? Any particular error messages? You get the idea - answers to questions like these can help us define what other troubleshooting might be necessary and can prompt us to point out opportunities like recommending the Yahoo Mail app over a built-in mail client, or IMAP over POP, for example. Hope that helps!



Q: Kyle, if you could build  Yahoo Mail from the start, what features would you leave out?   Will we still be using email in 10 years?  If not, let's invent something new and all get rich.  If you owned YMail, would you consider the option for users to pay a fee for phone support? If so, should we make it so that the call is free if the problem is not fixed (Yahoo gets to decide if it's fixed or not)? in 2009 when Yahoo released its last Beta Mail, there were problems galore.  It took months for them to be cleared up.  Are any of the engineers still around from that time who could tell you what not to do this time?


Hey Yoz! Although there’s a number of features I don’t personally use in Yahoo Mail; I gather your question is more about thinking of innovating for a broad audience in designing the product. Honestly, I’m generally ultra busy tackling the battles of the day. I have seen so many startling improvements over the years to the nuts and bolts of our infrastructure, and we have such genuinely clever and forward-thinking people (your last guest CeCe was a perfect example..) working on that side of things that I’ve never thought too deeply about it. I do know for sure at least some of the folks that were here even before I was hired are still around, and in fact, listening VERY closely to all ofthe feedback we receive about Yahoo Mail - so, speak up! Voice your feedback, because there’s a good chance others will agree if it hasn’t been suggested already!



Q: Does a link between Yahoo and a partner account only exist if you had an existing Yahoo account prior to signing up with a partner? Since AT&T is no longer a partner were all links removed? Some people are still having problems and both companies say to check with the other.


Is mail service still provided by Yahoo? If so, is AT&T planning their own service?


Hey again, Barkley! Interesting question, and actually, a complicated answer. If we’re speaking of AT&T, some accounts are “merged” with a Yahoo ID - yes, the Yahoo ID associated with those merged accounts would already have existed, and when merged, share a single mailbox. I can tell you that it hasn’t been possible to “merge” an account in this way for some time. Regarding the partnership with AT&T and what to expect going forward, the most up to date information we have available can be found on a couple of Yahoo Help pages, one which refers to an AT&T page for more information, and another more general article.



Q: I was just looking at the home page located at and see the link associated with the Mail icon points to


When you click on that icon you end up at a login page for mail.



Q: @ArthurDent If I am not signed into Yahoo it brings me to the AT&T Live / Yahoo sign in page. If I am signed in I get the regular Yahoo mail page. That is why I believe that AT&T is still using Yahoo mail. All they dropped was the ability to sign into Yahoo with their email address and they no longer have a Yahoo home page.



Q: @Barkley_Hound

I noticed that too.  If I go to the home page and then click on the Mail icon to bring up the AT&T mail login page I get the expected error message saying "The User ID and Password are invalid" when trying to login into my Yahoo email but if I login to my Yahoo email first then open the home page and click on the Mail icon it opens my Yahoo mail in that new window.


I had run across another question from someone saying they were having problems logging into their email account.  They said they had called AT&T support and were told that they had to contact Yahoo support for help because Yahoo runs their email system.  They created a Yahoo account just so they could post that question on the forum.


I did come up with a couple of questions, one about email forwarding and one about email restore.


I was working with one person that said the email forwarding was working last week then stopped.  When they checked the settings in the article below the "Verify" button was red.  They clicked on it and it said a verification email was sent but they never received it.


Automatic email forwarding in Yahoo Mail -


Another person posted a question saying when their forwarding stopped working they used the article above to check their settings and discovered the option "Forward" was missing entirely.


For the email restore question a person posted a question saying they just noticed they had lost years of email and had submitted an email restore request but after the restore was complete they noticed the majority of emails they lost were not restored.  I posted a response saying that restoration aren't always successful and that the email restoration process doesn't restore individual emails but restores your email account to the state it was in seven days ago.  I was wondering if that is still the way the email restore process works.




Hey Folks  Smiley Happy  What a dialogue! A few important things to note:


  • Anytime we receive contact from an AT&T customer seeking help with a password, login, compromise/hacked account, updating recovery methods, or anything in that general realm; they should be directed to speak with AT&T directly with the information in our Yahoo Help article. (This would apply to any AT&T, BT, Frontier, Rogers, Sky, or Verizon customer.) Most other issues are handled just like any other account.
  • Automatic Email Forwarding is one exception to that general rule - AT&T customers do not have this option available in our settings, not because of a glitch or bug, but strictly by design. All other Yahoo Mail-centric features should work the same.
  • Awesome question about mail restores - there’s no single, universal answer to the question, except to say that restores don’t necessarily work that way anymore. First, you’re 100% right - of course, restores are only a possibility if the messages were deleted in the last 7 days, and even then, ther.... (Reminder: Emails deleted by a POP or IMAP client are moved to the Trash folder on the server. Once messages are deleted from the Trash in IMAP or from the server they're no longer recoverable.) Ultimately, there isn’t any reliable way for you to determine which restore method will happen; but based on the way the individual account is configured, restores will happen in 1 of 2 different ways:
    • Previously deleted emails are restored from a previous snapshot of the entire mailbox, and the restored messages are “merged” with the existing messages into the Inbox of the account.
    • Previously deleted emails are marked as “un-deleted”, and after this is done, they will appear again in the Trash folder, the last place they were located before deletion, and the messages will need to be moved out of the trash to prevent deletion.

Welp, that’s it for me folks! Thanks for the solid questions, and the opportunity to dig up some answers - hope they’re up to snuff. Finally, keep on rockin - we really appreciate what you do!!

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