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Fantasy Sports - Can't see your team or league?

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Fantasy Sports - Can't see your team or league?



Teams and leagues are linked to the account you are signed into when creating them.


For example, let's say you have two accounts; FantasyTeam1 and FantasyTeam2. If you are signed into FantasyTeam2 when creating a second team or league, you will not be able to see that team or league when logged into your FantasyTeam1 account.


If this happens, don't panic! You should be able to identify which account is linked to your team. Following the steps in our Yahoo Help article Can’t see your teams or leagues will most likely solve your dilemma, even if you can't remember any of your other Yahoo IDs. We strongly recommend that you do not skim this article.


If you’re just not finding it, you can always contact our Fantasy Sports Customer Care team by choosing your product, opting to contact a Yahoo specialist, and selecting: Troubleshooting > Unable to see teams.


If you're in a private non-cash league, the commissioner of the league can transfer team ownership as a workaround

Note: If YOU are the commissioner, you'll need to assign another reliable commissioner to do this for you. Of course, if this isn't an option you can still contact our Fantasy Sports Customer Care team.

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