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Trying to access old account

New 'Hoo

Trying to access old account

I havent used one of my accounts in about two years, and tried to access it but the account's security questions have nothing to do with me at all and I am not able to log into it all.

New 'Hoo

Re: Trying to access old account

I'am facing the same problem. Please help. Thanks
Mail Pro All-star

Re: Trying to access old account

Greetings @Patracko


Yahoo no longer uses secret question and answers as the primary means to recover your account.  The automated account recovery system chooses the best recovery method available for your account.  If you are given the option to answer them that would mean the system found no other account recovery options registered for this account.  The answers you enter must match EXACTLY to what is registered to this account.  You will know the answer is correct when you see the word "Correct" in green at the end of your question.  

Yahoo moved to using the email address and phone number entered into the Account Security page as the primary means to verify you are the rightful owner of this account.  Yahoo sent an email to all account holders over a year ago informing them of this change and included instructions on how to check if you still had secret questions attached to your account and how to delete them.  For those that had never set up a recovery email address or recovery phone number they provided instructions on how to add this information to your Account security page.  For those that already had this information set up they ask that you verify that you could receive the account key code messages using the information listed as it is the ONLY way you will be able to recover your account.


Yahoo deactivates accounts that haven't been signed into at least once in the last 12 months.  Once the account has been deactivated it's unlikely you can recover it.  The following two articles can provide more information

Reasons Yahoo deactivates or deletes an account -

Can I reuse my deactivated Yahoo ID? -

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'Hoo Recruit

Re: Trying to access old account


My wife is trying to acces an old account because she doesn't remember the password. But the problem is that when Yahoo is asking her that security question, my wife doesn't remember the answer that she put it there. She allready tryed all possibilities and all answers that she think she put it there - but nothing.  And, unfortunately she don't write a second e-mail  adress or phone no to be the second recovery option.

The question is: there is any chance to recover it?  Please, can somebody help me????

Thank you very much for all support and help.

Mail Pro All-star

Re: Trying to access old account

Hello @ArminiciDinu


Questions have not been used for recovery for some time.


Security questions are no longer used for verification. Delete them if they haven't been removed automatically.


If you do not sign in to an account a minimum of once every 12 months it is removed and can not be recovered.


If  you have been signed in recently the sign-in helper will get you in where you can change the password.


If your wife has questions she will have to post as we can not discuss her account with you.


Get help for a Yahoo account on someone else’s behalf


We take your privacy and security seriously. That’s why Yahoo Customer Care doesn’t discuss account-related issues with anyone other than the account owner.  For the full rundown, check out our Privacy Policy.


Please have the account owner review our support options for further assistance.

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'Hoo Recruit

Re: Trying to access old account

Hello. Good morning.

But if my wife don't have any more account on yahoo mail, how she can get in touch with you?

Problem is that i make a reset from factory at her phone, and now she can't remember the password from facebook account.

thank you