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Change Password

New 'Hoo

Change Password

I'm trying to change my password.  The instructions posted on Yahoo Help says to go to Account Settings and choose "Change Password".  There is no "Change Password" choice when I go to my account settings.  How do I get to the Change Password command?


Thank you

New 'Hoo

Re: Change Password

i wish to change my password and it seems that there is no place to do this. when i go to the reset password page there is no such obtion

Mail Pro All-star

Re: Change Password

Greetings DNORN

Yahoo Account Security One.jpg


Actually the directions are to go to your Account Security page, not your Account Settings page. 

Change your Yahoo password or reset a forgotten password -


  1. Go to the Yahoo Account security page.
  2. Click Change password.
  3. Enter and confirm your new password.
  4. Click Continue.

If you don't see the "Change password" link as shown in the picture above that's because you have enabled the feature "Yahoo Account Key" which replaces your password with a code sent to the Yahoo app running on your phone.  If you want to change your password you will first need to disable the "Yahoo Account Key" feature.  The next article shows how to do this.

Set up, use, and manage Yahoo Account Key sign in to stop using passwords -

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